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EasyREG Online Registration's company vision is dedicated to bringing cost efficient registration capabilities to churches and other organizations.  Through its user friendly interface and full feature set EasyREG provides a registration solution to organizations that before were unwilling or unable to pay the high cost of other solutions.  Our pricing plans are simple and straight forward.  No per registration or service fees.  Our customer focus breeds the customer loyalty that we have enjoyed since our inception.


EasyREG is used today by churches, businesses and sport organizations.  We provide a way to create registration forms with no programming experience necessary.  We allow you to correspond with your registrants through our customized email system and can automate your entire registration process bringing greater efficiency to your organization.  If you desire a cost efficient and robust solution for your online registration needs we invite you to give us a try.


Finally, we would like to note that EasyREG is not affiliated with Upward Unlimited.  We do offer a complete registration solution to churches running the Upward programs.  Upward is supportive of our solution and provides to us the ULM software that churches use to administer their programs. EasyREG uses this software to insure that all registrations import in as expected.  We currently have many churches using our solution for their Upward programs as well as other church events.  We invite you to ask for references of other churches using EasyREG .


If you have any questions about us or our program please read our testimonials or contact us.



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