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EFT Corporation can offer you ...

  • Lower transaction processing costs than PayPal

  • First Fruits Giving and Web Giving products

  • Custom Facebook App to accept donations right on your Facebook page

  • Fund designation management and complete reporting. Managing multiple funds (offering, building fund, retreats, events, missions, benevolence, etc) is a snap!

  • Ability to accept deposit and configure installment payments towards an amount owed.  Accept deposits for an event and then have the balance due collected at a later time (not available from PayPal).  Setup an installment plan of 2,3 or 4 payments (not available from PayPal).

  • Superior Customer Service.  Need to talk to someone about your account?  EFT is there to help you with all your needs.


EFT Corporation Processing Plan


  • 2.6% + .25 per transaction (as compared to 2.9% + .30 for PayPal)

  • No monthly fees

  • Transactions deposited directly into your organizations bank account.  No additional login credentials to store and instant access to your money.

  • Other plans available if you decide to use EFT for online giving or a custom campaign fund along with registration fee processing (i.e. higher monthly processing amounts).



EFT vs. PayPal Comparison




Credit Card Processing Costs 2.9% + .30 2.6% + .25
Time to receive funds 4-5 business days after transfer initiated 2 days automatic transfer into bank account
Monthly Fees No No
Allow deposit payment applied towards total amount due No


Configure installment plan for balance due No


Set up automatic payment reminders No


Detailed deposit reporting ?


Customer Support Email Email or Phone
Customer Focus on Small Business and Non Profits No Yes


Commonly Asked Questions?


Is EFT's payment solution as integrated into EasyREG as PayPal?

Yes, we offer the same level of payment integration as you now have with your PayPal payment solution.  In fact we support the ability to pay a deposit in EFT that we do not in PayPal.


Why did you add EFT as a payment processing option?

EasyREG added EFT because of it's lower cost structure, superior customer service, better integration capabilities as well as its complete product offering designed for our church, small business and non profit accounts.


Will my EasyREG subscription cost change?

No, your yearly subscription charges will not change.  We are offering this option to help reduce your overall registration costs and believe you will see a savings in payment processing fees with this change.


Will you continue to support PayPal as a payment option?

Yes, we will continue to support PayPal as we do today.  The EFT payment gateway is an additional payment option should you decide to choose it.


What would I need to do if I decided to make the switch to EFT?

After setting up your EFT account, EasyREG will reconfigure your EasyREG account to accept credit card payments through EFT.  You will not need to make any changes to your events or forms.


I already have an account with EFT ... can I use that account with EasyREG?

Yes, if you have an existing account with EFT we can setup it up to process your registration payments.



Want to learn more?


Need to speak to an EasyREG or EFT representative?  Contact EasyREG today and we will get you connected to a customer support specialist knowledgeable in the EasyREG to EFT payment solution.



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