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Accept "no fee" registrations x x x x x
Customize registration emails x x x x x
Manage Registrations and Fees   

x x x x x
Export and Print registration data x x x x x

Banner Manager 

x x x x x
Signup page   

  x x x x
Accept Credit Cards   

  x x x x
Pay with personal checks   x x x x
Event Library (build new events from existing events)   x x x x

Promotion Codes

    x x x
Event Max discount     x x x
Early bird payment discount     x x x
Share your registration data     x x x
Categorize your events   

    x x x
Broadcast email messages     x x x
Event Wait Listing     x x x
Upward program support     x x x
Automatic Payment Reminders     x x x
Payment options (deposits/installments/scheduled)     x x x

Training & Support          
Training Documentation x x x x x
Video Tutorials x x x x x
Email Support x x x x x
Phone Support   X x x x
Desktop Support     x x x


Commonly Asked Questions


How does the trial subscription work?

Sign up for a 30 day trial account.  After 30 days if you have not selected a plan you will be converted to the Free plan.  No credit card required for trial accounts.  You can upgrade to a paid plan at any time.


I only have a single event so why a year long subscription plan?

Our annual pricing plans are very cost effective and less than what you would pay for a few months of our competitors.  We also want to make EasyREG available to your organization as your needs change during the year.


How can I keep my subscription plan at one level?

You can keep your plan price at one consistent level regardless of how much you use us by removing old, unwanted event forms and submissions from your account as you near your plan's usage limits.  Which forms and submissions you keep is totally up to you.


What if I go over my usage limit while an event is running?

You will never miss a submission.  EasyREG will continue to accept your submissions while you adjust your plan or remove old events/submissions to get you back under your current plans limit.


Why would I want to keep my old event forms and submissions?

EasyREG provides many useful features that leverage your old events and submissions.  Keeping these allows you to email previous registrants to invite them to new events as well as reuse event items like forms, customized emails, wait list options, event fees and payment settings.  Reuse allows you to quickly create new events from old events.


How much storage do I need?

A normal event uses around 2 MB of space so normal allotments are fine for every plan.  If you send a lot of large attachments using our broadcast message feature or create forms where users are uploading files as a part of their registration, each of these files will be 2 MB on average.  This is where the space is taken up.


Can I change my subscription plan during the year?

Yes.  Throughout the year you can upgrade or downgrade your plan.  Any upgrade will credit unused months towards your new plan price.  Downgrades go into effect as soon as your current plan expires.


What if I want to cancel my subscription plan?

After the trial period you default to the Free plan and pay nothing.  If you cancel a Starter, Basic Pro or Pro Plus plan your account will not be auto renewed.  After the account expires it will default to the Free plan so you can continue to access your event registration information.


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Feature Descriptions

Banners Every account has a default banner to use on every form.  Along with the banner "image" these banners link to other useful pieces of information such as the site URL, key contact email addresses and phone numbers.  This information is used on the event form, during the submission process and in emails that are sent out during and after the registration process.  Having multiple banners allows you to set up different "departments" that can each have their own unique look, URL's and contact information.
Signup Page The Signup Page is a link that you can add to your site that will list all of the events that are currently open and accepting registrations.  One key feature of this page is that an event administrator can dynamically add/remove events from the page without needing to access the web site.
Event Categories Event categories are an enhancement to the Signup page.  By creating and applying categories to your events you can organize and control how they will be displayed on the Signup page.  Use categories to setup different "departments" in your account.
Manage Registrations and Fees EasyREG provides a powerful administrative backend to allow you to manage your registration and fee information.  You can edit existing registration information or add new information included on the registration form but not initially filled in by the registrant.  Fees associated with a submission can be added, removed or edited.  If payments are due you can send reminder emails in mass or one at a time.
Accept Payments EasyREG accepts payments on your behalf using PayPal or a merchant account set up through EFT Corporation.  Use either to accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.Visit EFT Corporation page to learn more about its advantages over PayPal.
Payment and Discounts Options EasyREG provides flexibility in how payments are accepted and discount's applied.  Certain plan types allow configuration of installment payment plans (i.e. Deposit + 3 equal payments) or discount options (promo code to apply % or $ amount off).  Finally we provide "event max pricing" to allow a family plan that caps the total amount charged to a family.

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